Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leavenworth Rock Climbing Programs - New Fixed Dates!

For the 2011 rock climbing season in Leavenworth, WA we are now offering fixed dates for our most popular rock climbing programs.  Most courses cost around $200 and each course is guaranteed to run if we have at least one participant.  This is a departure from our usual practice of only running programs as people request each course, and is in response to many of our customers asking for this.

Leavenworth rock climbing programs that we have set dates for include:

Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing: This is our basic rock climbing program and is suitable for climbers with no previous rock climbing experience, or those who have climbed indoors and want to move to outdoor crags.  We provide Petzl harnesses and helmets for each climber and you can rent rock climbing shoes from Leavenworth Mountain Sports for under $10 per day.  You can reserve shoes by calling LMS from 9-6, 7 days a week at 509-548-7864.

Scheduled Dates: March 27, April 2, April 10, April 16, April 24, April 30, May 7, May 15, May 22, May 28, June 5, June 11, June 19, June 25, July 3, July 9, July 17, July 23, July 30, August 7, August 13, August 21, August 27, September 4, September 10, September 18, September 24, October 2, October 8, October 16, & October 22.   Custom Dates also available.

Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing in Leavenworth, WA

Traditional Lead Climbing Course: We have this course dialed and have come up with a format where you can learn to lead climb with a guide following alongside on a fixed line.  Not sure if a piece is good, ask the guide who is right there with you, as they climb along on a separate fixed line and evaluate your placements as well as the frequency of the placement.  This course is taught in a progression that begins with gear placements, moves to top-roping your objective, then mock leading it, and finally sending it on your own.  We can provide the rack and the rope, or you can bring your own.

Scheduled Dates: April 3, April 23, May 15, June 4, June 26, July 16, August 6, September 3, September 25, & October 15.  Custom dates also available.

Lead Climbing training with Northwest Mountain School

Rock Climbing Anchors Clinic: This course is the foundation for all lead climbing and also critical for those who simply want to set up top-ropes.  We are amazed to consistently encounter strong recreation climbers in the mountains who still have difficulty building bomber anchors quickly and efficiently.  We will discuss gear placements, trad anchors, and go over how to evaluate the bolts you encounter while rock climbing.  Again, we provide all the gear, but you are encouraged to bring your own if you have made the leap to buying a climbing rack.

Scheduled Dates: March 26, April 17, May 21, June 12, July 2, July 24, August 20, September 11, October 1, October 23. Custom dates also available.

Rock Climbing Anchors Clinic in Leavenworth, WA

Multi-pitch Climbing Course: Learning to multi-pitch climb will open the mountains for you in a big way.  We take participants up a 3 to 5 pitch route while discussion and modeling route finding, belay station management, belaying the second using modern "hands-free" devices such as the Reverso 3, explaining how to avoid factor 2 falls, and descending the route.  The goal is to get you to climb more efficiently allowing for a higher pitch count, or a little extra time to get to Gustav's for your post climb beer and burger.  You need to have previous climbing experience and show up familiar with modern belay techniques.

Scheduled Dates: April 9, May 29, July 10, August 28, October 9.  Custom dates also available.

Multi-pitch Climbing Course with Northwest Mountain School

Improvised Rock Rescue Course: Most climbers have some level of first-aid training, but have not gone the extra step and learned how to perform quickly in a rock rescue situation.  We call this an "improvised" rock rescue course because it teaches you how to do what you need to do with the gear that a climber would normally have while out in the mountains.  We go over escaping the belay, raises, lowers, and various descent methods such as counter-balance rappels, and tandem rappels.  As IFMGA guides we have come to specialize in this course as it is a basic requirement in the certification process of all AMGA rock and alpine guides.

Scheduled Dates: May 1, June 18, July 31, September 17.  Custom dates also available.

Rock Rescue Course in Leavenworth, WA

How to save even more money on your Leavenworth Rock Climbing Course:  Many of these courses can be taught at a higher ratio.  If you can put together a group of 3 or more climbers, the price for the Intro to Outdoor Climbing Course, Rock Climbing Anchors Clinic, or the Traditional Lead Climbing Course drops below $200 per person.

Prices for larger group programs:
3 climbers with 1 guide (3:1) $165 each
4 climbers with 1 guide (4:1) $145 each
5 climbers with 1 guide (5:1) $135 each
6 climbers with 1 guide (6:1) $115 each

Don't see your date?: Any of the above courses can be scheduled any day of the the week at our custom rates during the normal Leavenworth rock climbing season, which usually runs from late March until the end of October. 

Just want to go climbing?: A large portion of our Leavenworth business is simply going out climbing with people and climbing great routes.  We offer everything from single-pitch climbs to all day climbs on Snow Creek Wall.  Check out our website, or give us a call at 509-548-5823 to see if we can put something together.  While at the site check out our Snowcreek Wall Climbs, Crack Climbing Technique Clinics, Sport Climbing Technique Clinics, and our Alpine Rock offerings in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness as well as the North Cascades.