Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aconcagua - Rest Day at Camp 1

Jared called in today and the team is taking a rest day at Camp 1. The map above shows their camp 1 location at 16,200' as transmitted by the spot beacon this morning. The weather is clear and everyone is doing well. More soon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Aconcagua team moving to Camp 1

Jared called in at 8:15 AM Pacific time this morning. He said everyone is doing great and they are moving to Camp 1 today. When he called in they were 1000' below camp 1 and making good progress. The team had enjoyed some rest/acclimatization time at base camp over the last few days and are now beginning their steady climb up the mountain towards the summit. We will keep you posted as we hear from Jared.

Jared called again to let us know that the team had made it to camp 1 and were getting tucked in there for a few days. The weather is good (a little windy but clear) He also said move day was less strenuous for everyone than carry to camp 1 - which is good as it means folks are becoming acclimatized.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aconcagua Team Underway

Jared checked in this morning to say the team was packed, rested and heading by jeep to Punta de Vaca (7,600') where they will begin the trek into the mountain. The team will camp at Pampas Las Lenas (8,850') tonight. It generally takes about 4-5 hours to cover the 7 miles between Punta de Vaca and La Lena.

Jared's check in this morning was the following:

"After being well rested and well fed and perhaps feeling the curative qualities of a little Malbec we leave the relative comfort of los Penitentes and travel by Landcruiser to the trailhead and entrance to the Vacas Valley where our adventure truly begins."

Mule Loads Packed - 135 kg

The photo above shows the end result of yesterday's packing effort. The total gear packed up for the mules to carry amounted to 135 kgs for our team of 3. In addition to the mule loads Jared, David and Meg will each be carrying their packs with enough food, water and gear to be prepared for each day on the trek into base camp.

Team at Pampas Las Lenas

UPDATE: Jared just checked in using the spot beacon at 11:40 AM Pacific time. It appears that the team has made it to tonight's camp. The map above shows the distance that they covered today.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Aconcagua Expedition Begins

January is always a busy time and 2012 is no exception. While John is ice guiding in Ouray and Olivia is heading up our ski program in Washington Jared Bonea will be leading a small group on the 360 traverse and summit of Aconcagua.

Meg, Jared & David

Jared met up with Meg K. and David C. in Mendoza yesterday. After a picking up their climbing permits, fresh food items and a night in the city the team departed for Penitentes this morning. It is about a 3 hour drive from Mendoza to Penitentes.

The hotel at Penitentes as marked by the Spot Beacon

Penitentes (8,642') is a ski area during the winter and is now a quiet outpost where many teams pack for their trip into Aconcagua. In the map above you can see Aconcagua towards the top left of the screen. The team will be approaching the mountain by the Vacas Valley which is the major N-S drainage toward the right side of the screen. On the morning of day 3 of their trek they will take a left out of the Vacas Valley and head up the Relinchos Valley (E-W valley in the top center of this map) towards the mountain.

Jared, Meg and David are packing now - organizing gear into items they will carry, mule loads that they will access on the trek into base camp and mule loads with gear/food & supplies that will be sent straight to base camp. Once they are all packed up the team will enjoy one last restaurant meal and a night spent in a bed before beginning the trek into the mountain tomorrow.

The local time on Aconcagua is 5 hours ahead of Pacific time. Jared will be checking in by Satellite phone on most evenings and we will be posting his updates on the blog here so stay tuned...