Monday, February 13, 2012

Vertfest Clinics w/ John and Olivia Race ~ Sunday Feb 19, 2012

Intermediate Techniques to Improve Efficiency for backcountry skiing

AT Efficiency Clinic w/ John and Olivia Race ~ 2012 Vertfest
Verfest Clinic Description ~ Sunday February 19, 2012

Want to be able to ski 10,000' in a day, or do multiple 6,000' days consecutively? The goal of this clinic is to provide you with the tools to be more efficient both while skinning uphill and when making the transition back to downhill mode - the 2 biggest time sucks in a day of touring.
Join IFMGA guides, and La Sportiva ski ambassadors, John and/or Olivia Race to learn how to shave time throughout the day and increase your vertical, and overall enjoyment, as a result. We will do two half day tours in the Alpental slack-country and focus on techniques including:
  • Recognizing and maintaining an ideal skin track angle
  • Using the terrain to set a comfortable/safe and efficient skin track 
  • Proper body position for uphill travel
  • Efficient kick turns (uphill & downhill)
  • Dressing for uphill travel
  • Techniques for efficient transitions - both from uphill to downhill mode and vice versa 
  • Equipment Selection (skin width & maintenance , ski crampons, risers etc)
Clinic Times: Sunday February 19, 2012

  • AM clinic – 9 am  to noon
  • PM clinic – 1 pm to 4 pm
  • All Clinics meet prior to start time at Sportiva Booth at base of Alpental Ski area.
Clinic Cost: $45 per participant (with $2.57 service fee added).  
To Register Visit:  2012 Vertfest Clinic Registration
Equipment Needed:  The clinic takes about 3 hours, and will involve roughly 2 hours of actual ski touring with stops here and there for instruction.  You should have AT or Telemark skis with touring bindings, beacon, shovel, probe, a 30-40L backpack, clothing suitable for the weather that can be layered to work for moderately paced touring as well as standing around during discussion.  You should also bring some light snacks, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, and other typical ski touring gear.  During the clinic we will discuss what equipment we use when conducting long tours, so there will be an opportunity to experiment a bit with different gear.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aconcagua Team at High Camp & Ready to Go!

High Camp (Camp Cholera) 19,400'

Jared called in this afternoon to say that he and Meg had moved up to high camp (19,400'). He reported they were both happy and healthy and planning to try for the summit tomorrow. We will post any updates here as they come in. We are wishing them the best for tomorrow!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Aconcagua Update - Carry to High Camp Complete

Jared called in this afternoon to say that he and Meg completed their carry to high camp (Camp Cholera 19,400') today. He said they were both feeling good and the carry went well - about 2 hours up and 45 min back to Camp 2, the point on the map below is camp 2. The skies continue to be clear and it is still a bit windy. Looking at the extended forecast it appears that this will continue to be the case throughout the trip.

Camp 2

The plan moving forward is for Jared and Meg to move to high camp early tomorrow then rest through the afternoon and evening. They hope to make a summit attempt on Sunday February 5th.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aconcagua team at Camp 2

Jared called in this afternoon and reported that he and Meg had moved up to Camp 2 (18,200') today. David decided that he would head home and he descended to base camp today.

It was windy this evening (~20-25 mph) at camp 2, there are some clouds and very light snow.

The plan for Jared and Meg for tomorrow is to take a rest day at camp 2 to continue the acclimatization process.