Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aconcagua Group At C2 & ABC - Jan 27, 2013

We spoke with both Jared and Ted at 18,200' and Julia at Plaza Argentina today.  All are doing well, and all reported that the weather was bumping today.  Snow, wind, the works.  Ted and Jared held tight at C2, and Julia delayed her departure toward the trailhead by a day to wait for better weather.  Ted and Jared were planning to move to C3 in a single move with the assistance of a porter tomorrow, Monday, in hopes of being in position to capitalize on a break in the winds forecasted to hit Tuesday morning.

Julia is planning to hike a big day from Plaza Argentina to Las Lenas, the first camp of the trip.  She would then finish with a 4-5 hour hike out on the last day and then either spend the night in Penitentes or travel all the way back to Mendoza, where she plans to wait for Jared and Ted to return at the end of the week.

Julia sounded really upbeat on the phone and said that she had had a great trip and felt good, but was solidly happy with heading down while the others headed up.  Jared and Ted sounded a bit bored from sitting around all day, but are still "in it to win it," and hope to have a chance to make a go of it in the near future.  In theory, those two could be heading out on a summit big in the very near future....perhaps as soon as 26-28 hours from now.

Keep your fingers crossed!  What everyone needs above all is a little break in the weather.  It sounds like Jared is lined up with several of the other larger guided groups and all are currently seeing the same weather window and moving toward that.  The key now is to be patient, grab it if it appears, and be content to sit it out if it does not.

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