Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aconcagua Group at La Lena Camp - January 17, 2013

Jared Called this afternoon to let us know that the group had reached the first camp in the Vacas Valley, La Lena.  The valley is pretty tight there, so the sat phone calls are very short, but he was able to let us know that the group had had a good day, had eaten dinner, and everyone was psyched to be on the way in.

Evidently they were on the trail walking by 10:30 am and arrived in camp by 4:15 pm.  Tomorrows hike will take them to Casa Piedra and follows the same valley.  This second day is a bit tougher than the first, but is pretty reasonable over all.  Just prior to arriving at Casa Piedra they will get their first view of Aconcagua as they look up the impressive Relinchos Valley.

The plan at Casa Piedra is to have the arrieros (Mule Drivers) make them a steak dinner cooked Argentine style over the fire.  Only 2 of the 3 team members eat meat, so I suspect they will get more than their fill of beef.

Once the team arrives at Plaza Argentina, the day after tomorrow, we should be able to have longer sat phone calls and will fill you in on any more specific details of their trip thus far.

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