Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aconcagua Group @ C2 - January 26, 2013

Well, there is all sorts of news to report today.  Everyone has been doing really well and managing the ups and downs of expedition life as best as you can.  Yesterday the group carried to Camp 2 and encoun tered pretty significant winds at the Col Ameghino, about 1/2 way between Camp 1 (16,200') and Camp 2 (18,200').  The winds died down a bit after the col.  In a weird way, all of this wind makes us feel better as it is in the forecast and you like to see the forecast be accurate, particularly if it shows an opportunity in the future.

After the carry, Julia decided that she had seen enough of the mountain and opted to return to basecamp (which she did this morning) and will be hiking out tomorrow and the next day with one of our outfitters guides.  I am sure it was a tough call for her, but hats off to Julia for feeling like it was the time to go down and deciding to do so.  Once out, she will either wait for the group in Penitentes or in Mendoza.  For any at home that might be worried, she is in good hands and will be accompanied by one of our outfitters guides all the way to the trailhead and then on to her hotel.  

After Julia went down, Jared and Ted moved up to Camp 2.  I spoke with Jared after he moved to Camp 2 and he did not mention that the wind was too bad, but it seems like it will blow a bit for them these next couple of days.  Right now there is a slight break in the wind forecasted from Monday night-Tuesday morning that they would like to be in position to exploit.  This would require them to carry to C3 tomorrow, move to C3 on Monday, and summit on Tuesday.  This is all very manageable and is something we have done before.  

I spoke with Fernando Grajales tonight and he confirmed that Julia was resting comfortably at the Plaza Argentina basecamp and would be headed down in the morning.  We will post more details as we have them.

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