Monday, January 21, 2013

Aconcagua Group Carried toward C1 - January 21, 2013

Jared just called in.  This was the first big challenge of the trip.  The wind and snow event that started yesterday persisted into today as forecasted.  The group decided to carry toward camp 1.  Not a bad idea on the whole as it gives them the opportunity to see what it is like to move about in less than ideal conditions and get their clothing systems dialed in.  It also provides an opportunity to acclimate, expose yourself to a higher elevation, and get some gear up a bit higher.

They carried to about 15,400 and left the gear below the site of our usual C1 due to the bad weather.  Thus far they have received about 5 inches of snow today at Plaza Argentina.  As this is about what was forecasted, we feel pretty good because the forecast ahead is for better weather.

The winds are supposed to slowly climb from Wednesday morning thorough the week, peaking on Thursday evening into Friday mid-day.  The group is going to rest tomorrow and let things dry out and take time to get organized for an eventual move up.  The trick is to time your move so that you can move in the best weather and be hunkered down if it really starts to blow.

We always prefer to experience a bit of rough weather down low as it helps you adjust to what to expect if you get bad weather up high.  There is also the theory that neither good nor bad weather can go on forever, so if you can take a little bad down low, you might have a better chance of a little break up high.

It sounds like the challenge of getting up, packed, and out of the tent in the morning with the weather was a good one, but everyone did well.  The plan for now is to take it easy this evening, rest a bit tomorrow, have a big breakfast and start to think about when to move up.  Overall the weather is forecasted to be decent throughout the rest of the week, with the main obstacle being the wind.  This is very typical for Aconcagua.

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