Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aconcagua Group reaches Plaza Argentina - January 19, 2013

We received a call this afternoon Jared telling us that the group had reached Plaza Argentina and had setup their camp for the next several days. Everyone sounded to be in high spirits despite really mixed weather including hail and light snow on the tail end of the hike up. 
Evidently the river was bumping a bit more than usual and the crossing was slightly more complicated than in past seasons.

They will rest as planned tomorrow and then make a carry to Camp 1 the following day if the weather holds up and everyone is adjusting to the altitude.  Jared and I were able to speak for a bit longer than the past few nights because the valley is wider up by the base camp and the sat phone calls last longer with more view of the sky.

He said they had about an inch of snow, which melted within a hour as the ground was warm from sunshine earlier in the day. All of this sounds prett standard for this time of year. We have experienced lightning in the past, but it sounds like that was not an issue today.

Base camp is pretty comfortable. If you want to spend the money you can get a hot shower, a cold beer, check e-mail, and even order a pizza.  This makes it sound more lavish than it really is, but overall it is a nice place.  There is usually water that has been run of to the camp via long plastic hoses from a nearby glacier melt fed spring. The main goal at this camp is to get ready to move up to the higher camps, get strong, and organize everything now that the team will need to carry all of their supplies 

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