Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aconcagua Group Resting at Basecap - January 22, 2013

Appologies for the late post.  We spoke with the Aconcagua group today and they took a rest day at Plaza Argentina today. The only big event of the day was the mandatory check-in with park doctors that all climbers must undergo.  Everyone passed the "health inspection," which is essentially a check to make sure you do not display any symptoms of altitude related illnesses.

We passed along the current weather forecast.  Winds will slowly build on the upper mountain during the week, and then taper off at the end of the weekend.  The plan for now is to check the mountain forecast, which involves waking up and seeing if it looks like a day that you want to climb in. The winds are not forecasted to be too difficult, but it is still challenging to set up camp in wind, so the usual plan is to stick your nose into it, see how it goes, and give yourself the option to come back down if it is not going well.

It sounds like the rest day put folks into a good frame of mind for moving if the weather cooperates, so that is likely what they will do.  Plenty of time at this point for a delay caused by weather, so they are hoping to get up a bit higher and then be in position to move to the higher camps as the winds die down Sunday-Monday.

Jared reports that they are between waves of climbers and that things have been nice and quiet, which is how we generally like it.

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