Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aconcagua Group Resting - Jan 20, 2013

The group rested today at the Plaza Argentina base camp. They experienced snow, rain, hail, throughout the day, but are comfy in their camp. The weather forecast is for more of the same tomorrow. If need be, they can rest a second day, but you can often hike up to camp 1 in less than perfect weather as you are down in a deep valley.

On their carry they will move up most of their food, possibly a tent, fuel, and their high altitude clothing such as heavy super gaiters used primarily on summit day. This keeps their pack weight for both the carry and the move reasonable, while allowing them to get plenty of supplies up to the first camp.

This carry also allows them to expose themselves to 16,000 w/o needing to sleep at that elevation. This will make them strongermformtheir move, which will occur in a few days.

Ted sends his love to all that are watching the blog and following the trip. He appreciates the good thoughts all are sending.

All sound excited to carry, but did mention the usual butterflies when the weather is not perfect. Jared mentioned that this was a great day to be sitting in camp as the precipitation would have been irritating while hiking. We sent them an updated forecast this afternoon and will find out what they decided when we hear from them tomorrow.

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