Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aconcagua Summit Bid on Hold - Jan 29, 2013

8:23 PST.  Jared sent a message about 3 hours ago that read, "Summit no go Tues.  Sustained winds of 35+ w/ reg gusts 45-55 @ Cholera (name of camp 3).  Blue Skies....."

He then sent two more messages that read, "Likely check out tomorrow morning's presentation and either go for cumbre or head down to mulas.  Gear at PA leaves for PE today.  Ted's in good spirits."

So that is it for now.  The break in the winds is supposed to occur midday today and is not forecasted to be there tomorrow, but who knows.  Sometimes you get lucky.

The big issue today is that if they can't get out of camp to head up early enough to make the top and be back in camp by later afternoon, they really don't have a window to work with.

More details as we have them.  

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