Friday, February 1, 2013

Aconcagua Group in Mendoza - February 1, 2013

When things move fast, they sometimes move very fast.  Jared and Ted descended to Plaza Mulas yesterday and had the opportunity to jump in a helicopter and fly out the same day.  They did and ended up in Mendoza a day earlier than expected.  This means that Jared and Ted woke up at high camp at 19,600 and by that evening were enjoying hot showers, fine dining, and all the luxuries of normal life in Mendoza.

We have been pumping them for photos and will be sure to post a complete wrap up here when we have the whole story and the photos.  Julia is also with them in Mendoza and all three will be flying home tomorrow.  Until we are able to post actual photos from the mountain, this will wrap up our blog postings related to the trip.  Thanks for following us!

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